Unarmed Security Guard

Unarmed Security Guard

Unarmed Security Guard Services

Unarmed security guard service refers to the provision of security services by trained professionals who do not carry any lethal weapons such as guns, but instead rely on their skills and expertise to maintain order and ensure the safety of people and property. These guards are an essential part of the security ecosystem, and they play a crucial role in preventing crime, deterring unauthorized access, and responding to emergencies.

They are responsible for monitoring surveillance systems, controlling access to restricted areas, conducting patrols, and assisting with crowd management. Unarmed security guard service is a popular choice for a variety of settings, including retail stores, schools, hospitals, and residential complexes, where the primary concern is to maintain a safe and secure environment without the need for excessive force.

At Fit Guard Services, we prioritize the security of your assets and your peace of mind. With extensive experience in the security industry, we serve as your trusted partner in safeguarding what matters most. Our licensed and highly-trained security professionals are dedicated to exceeding your expectations. 

Whether you require vigilant commercial property security, 24/7 residential complex monitoring, or expert event security, we’ve got you covered. We recognize each client’s uniqueness, offering tailored security plans to meet your specific needs. Our commitment to professionalism and confidentiality ensures dependable and effective security services. Choose Fit Guard Services for unparalleled security!


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