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About Fit Guard Services

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Fit Guard Services is the premier security provider of Southern California.

We provide professional and highly-trained security personnel for all of our client’s needs. We specialize in crime prevention, asset protection, and property protection. At Fit Guard Services we don’t just treat our employees or customers like another dollar sign, we treat them like family.

Our original goal was addressing the unmet security needs of commercial, residential, institutional and individual clients who recognize that today’s security needs cannot be met by traditional “rent-a-guard” services. We use proven strategies to design reliable security programs tailored to meet the needs of specific individuals, groups, companies, and/or locations. We serve organizations throughout Los Angeles area and beyond.

Expert risk assessment, hands-on management and trained staff backed up by state-of-the-art technology, 24/7 command center, security management software and exceptional customer service will result in your complete security solution. We take pride in our evaluation and implementation process, as well as our ability to respond to continuously changing needs as they arise.

about us

Fit Guard Services is an owner-operated company. The objective is to provide a single means of communication between Fit Guard Services and your organization in order to assure that all issues and changing needs are addressed right away. Our goal is to not only meet your objectives but also to exceed your expectations.

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